Ms. Julianna Matz

I encourage students to be in constant communication with me.  My email is  They can always check this webs tie for homework or email and ask what they need.  My personal cell phone number is listed on the board in my room – they can also text me and ask about work.


I check my email regularly.  If you do not hear from me, something happened and I didn’t get it.  Please email again or contact me at 751-8080  ext 3610


A.k.a. Lucifer, J Matz is said to be able to make solutions boil with her stare.  Famous for her student counseling services, some of her notable quotes are ” don’t get your panties in a wad” and “suck it up, buttercup” and “now we are going to have some fun”!!

An eye on science at Taos High School

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