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Taos Science Department Gets a Make-Over!

Taos Science Dept. is excited about the recent renovations to our classrooms and labs.  New colors, equipments and laboratory spaces will make this new school year an exciting year.

Each lab and classroom will now have a teaching wall equipped with big screen TV to display student work and presentations.  Our labs will be equipped with Vernier Probeware, allowing students to collect more data and focus on analysis and meaning while performing investigations.


Taos High Science is Now in Cyberspace!

Satellite Communications

Dear Taos High School students, family members and friends,

Welcome to the T.H.S. Science Department website!  Now students and community members can visit this site to access department and course information while also learning about  student achievements in science.   If you have ideas on how we can improve this resource, please let us know!

-Ms. Matz, Ms. Chavez, Ms. Martin-Trujillo and Mr. Gilroy