Intro to Chemistry

Due Fri for 4th/6th Periods and Thursday for 7th Period.  Gas Stoich problems 92,93,94


Due Wednesday for 4th and 6th Periods – Worksheet on Ideal Gas Law.  Due Thursday for 7th, worksheet on ideal gas law due.


EOC REVIEW  Eoc Review pages.  Must have at least 40 problems completed and in your binder.  Binder Check will happen week of March 2 – 6.  You can’t do them all, but attempt as many as possible.


Week of Nov 17-21:  Work on Lewis Structures.  Lewis Structures Lab on Nov 20 and 21.  Have gummy bears or gum drops or colored marshmallows for your atoms.


Nov 3rd – Start Electron Configurations.  Nov 4,5 work on Electron Configurations.  Nov 6,7  Exam on Electron Configurations.


October 22 and 23

Naming and Forming Ion Packet;  Due Monday, Oct.27th.  Exam on Naming and Forming Ionic Compounds, Monday, Oct 27th




Week of Oct 6 all classes study ions.  Ions exam on October 13!


Week of Oct 1-3  We are working on ions.  You will take quizzes every period and notes.  You need to get the work either from fellow classmates or take the time and stop and get them from me.

Tues and Wed – Sept 23 and 24 we covered isotopes and started talking about IONS.  You got a worksheet, make sure you get it.  It is due next period.

Thursday and Fri – Sept 25 and 26 IONS.  YOU WILL HAVE AN IONS TEST ON WED, OCT 1 OR THURS OCT 2ND.


Monday, Sept 15th – we review for the FINAL ON CONVERSIONS.  All conversion homework is due so problems from the worksheets #52-74 all.  IF YOU ARE IN 7TH PERIOD, YOU HAVE YOUR TEST ON TUESDAY, SEPT 16TH.  PERIODS 4 AND 6 HAVE TEST ON WED, SEPT 17TH.  Sept 18 and 19 Periods 4,6,7 we start working on atoms, isotopes and ions.



September 8 – 6th period.  Worksheet 52-74 all.  Be ready for a lab on Wednesday.  52-74 are due on Friday.  Expect a quiz on Wednesday.

7th period – Sept 2 review metric conversions.  Exam on Thursday, Sept 4 on Metric conversions.

4 and 6th periods – Sept 3, review metric conversions.  Exam on Friday, Sept 5 on Metric Conversions.  Continue working then on Standard to Metric Conversions.


Due Wed.  Aug 27

Page 60 problems 41-43 all

Contract due signed by you and your parents

An eye on science at Taos High School

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