Biology  2014-2015

Teacher: Mrs. Sue Martin-Trujillo

Preparatory Period: 6th

Course Description
The Biology curriculum is an introductory course taught in two semesters of high school. The primary objective of the course is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of modern biology and scientific processes. Nature of science will be taught throughout the year. Students will learn about the scientific process, molecules and cells, cellular reproduction and genetics, ecology, and the form and function of animals. Laboratory activities will stress the development of important skills such as detailed observation, accurate recording, experimental design, and data interpretation and analysis.

First Semester – 1st Nine Weeks Content
Unit 1–Biology and You Introduction to the Scientific Method/Lab Safety/Metric SystemCharacteristics of Life
Unit 2 -The Chemistry of Life Nature of MatterChemistry of CellsEnergy and Chemical Reactions
Unit 3 – The Life of a Cell Cell TheoryProkaryote and EukaryoticCell Organelles

Cells and Microscopes

2nd Nine Weeks Content
Unit 3 – The Life of a Cell Passive/Active TransportPhotosynthesis/Respiration
Unit 4-Chromosomes and Cell Reproduction Cell DivisionCell CycleMitosis and Cytokinesis


Unit 5-Intro to Genetics Origins of GeneticsMendel’s Theory
Second Semester- 3rd Nine Weeks Content
Unit 5-Intro to Genetics Genetic Disorders
Unit 6-DNA: The Genetic Material Structure of DNAReplication of DNAFrom Genes to Proteins

Gene Regulation and Structure

4th Nine Weeks Content
Unit 7 – the Theory of Evolution Evidence of EvolutionExamples of Evolution
Unit 8-Classification of Living Organisms Six Kingdoms of OrganismsEvolutionary RelationshipsViruses, Bacteria, Protists and Fungi

Animals –Vertebrates and Invertebrates

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