Anatomy and Physiology

A micrograph of bone.
A micrograph of bone.

Anatomy is the study of the structure and physiology is the study of the function of components of a larger system.  This course aims to explore both the function and structures found within the human body.   The 11 organ systems will be discussed learning the functional units of each system and how the organs and systems interact to maintain balance within the body.  Students will explore the workings of the human body use a case-study approach focused on investigating common disorders and diseases.

This course is a Dual-Credit course (Bio 136 &138L) offered through UNM-Taos.  A GPA of 2.5 is required to receive dual-credit and students must be enrolled in the course for the two semesters to apply for dual-credit.  Transcripts will reflect a grade for dual-credit for the second semester.

We will use several online learning systems to assess student progress and monitor assignments throughout the year. Edmodo, Learningpod, Socrative and several other platforms will be used to assess progress and offer the opportunity to practice and prepare for the course.

Students and parents should setup an Edmodo account to track assignments and daily tasks to keep from falling behind in the course.

Requirements:  Students should have a working knowledge of biology and chemistry.  This course is typically a 10-12th grade course.

Materials:  2-composition notebooks college ruled, 1- 1 inch binder, colored pencils, examination gloves for dissection and writing utensils.

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